Unique. Rustic. Chic.


Imagine Your Home. Design Your Life.

Striking Farmhouse Decor for Every Room

Shabby chic and antique farmhouse decor. Showcase your unique style in every inch of your home. Entryways that welcome. Charming country kitchen decor. Dining rooms that dazzle. Living rooms full of life. Patios and family rooms people love. Bath and laundry room decor that coordinates. You have personality to spare. Put it into your space. Make your life designer. Make yourself at home.

Coordinate details for a finished, polished look. Colors from across the spectrum. Rustic decor accessories that make a statement. From furniture to storage cabinets. From wall hooks to tabletop dishes. From bed frames to garden accessories. From book ends to candles. Make your home elegant. Make your home whimsical. Make your home inviting. Make your home, yours.

Express yourself. Celebrate Western and Texas heritage art. Surround yourself with farmhouse charm and barnyard beauty. Spice up the bedroom walls. Store your treasures. Organize your office. Enjoy classic Americana vintage decor. Indulge in French country furniture and accessories. Go geek chic and steampunk. Whatever your tastes, the home of your dreams is within reach.

Give a gift that says “Welcome home!” Decor items for the kitchen or living room are a unique way to show someone you care. Home decor items make perfect housewarming gifts. There’s no better wedding gift than one the couple will keep forever. Homey gifts for college students away from home. Friendly gifts for coworkers. One-of-a-kind gifts to say “Thank you” or “You’re special.” No matter your message, say it with style.

Set the Date: Get the Rustic Decor

Wedding and Special Event Items

Country chic ceremonies and fun get-togethers are a decorator’s time to shine. Everyone loves a party – especially a well-decorated one! Host an event that people will talk about the rest of the year. Wedding decor that truly makes your special day special. Bold and personal – weddings are the perfect way to show your heart. Delight and entertain. Inspire and celebrate.

French inspired farmhouse decor that feels right at home. Vintage retro brings nostalgia. Rustic industrial decor for a striking effect no one will forget. Elegant sophistication that sweeps people up in romance. Coordinate the best shabby chic for the biggest reaction. Don’t let any detail go unnoticed. Special events deserve special attention.


Highlight the whole event. Make every picture perfect. The best catering and homecooking deserves the right serving trays. Wedding centerpieces of flowers or candles. Chandeliers to make the occasion sparkle. Cake towers of wood or metal. Use the colors you love to coat the room with love. Bring together the details that suit you for an event that will stand out everyone’s memory.


Farmhouse decor that helps you organize and plan an event. Get the most from your space and give the most to your guests. Chalkboards to help and direct. Coat racks to welcome and delight. Platters and beverage trays that match and make you smile. The littlest details make the big day. Artwork to keep the laughter going. Storage bins to collect and distribute. Be practical and chic. Be fun and casual. Be incredibly you on your big day.

Wall Art and Tabletop Decor

The details of any room are what make it your own. Enhance your home’s Texas style. Make it familiar and comfortable – a home where everyone feels welcome.

Coordinate your walls and tabletop decor for a completed look to your home. Give gifts that people will remember every time they look around their living room or office. Make each room picture perfect – a stage for all your future memories.

Set a mood in any color with bold or soft farmhouse wall decor. Accessories for dining room tables, side tables, bookcases, and mantles. You put your heart into everything you do, so put it in the small touches around your home.

Art that Expresses

Your walls are the perfect place to express yourself. Industrial metal wall art or charming portraits of barnyard animals. Rustic decor or repurposed Americana decor. Wooden signs or letters for schoolhouse whimsy. Whatever you need to create walls that show the world who you are.

Practically Charming

There’s no reason the beautiful can’t also serve a purpose. French romantic country distressed metal wall hooks or shabby chic coat racks. Combination wood and metal racks and shelves for kitchen and laundry room wall decor. Make every working wall in your home special.

Design Your Tabletop

Elegant and whimsical. Design every space in your home with statues and figurines that suit your style. Bookends are the most fun way to keep books organized – find a set that shows off what you love. Decorative trays. Jewelry and desk storage. Distressed metal. Painted wood. Quirky and bold. Rustic shabby chic decor accessories for every part of your home.

Rustic Fall and Holiday Decorations. Vintage-Inspired Christmas Ornaments.

There’s nothing like festive holiday decorations. Make the whole season sparkle and shine. Rustic throwbacks and modern twists on classic designs. Chic seasonal decorations for fall and winter.

Christmas decorations that delight. Decorate with indoor and outdoor holiday decorations that will catch everyone’s eye. Unique and personal Christmas ornaments.

Fall Home Decor

Autumn is full of bold colors, crisp scents, and loving hugs. Seasonal decor to capture the love in every hue of autumn. The crisp falling leaves. Harvests of apples, pumpkins, and spice. Cornucopias of celebration for the whole family to love.

All the colors of fall
Burgundy and bronze. Tones of gold with the burnt orange of ripe pumpkin. Copper, crimson, and deep shades of eggplant. Natural wood tones from cherry to pine. Add the beauty of fall to your indoors.

Christmas Decorations and Ornaments

A holiday full of joy. A home full of joyous seasonal decor. The warmest ways to say “Merry Christmas” your way throughout your home.

Wreaths and wooden signs. Decorative Christmas dinner plates, dishes, and centerpieces. Candles and candle stands. Christmas tree ornaments and party decorations in whimsical styles. Seasonal décor to love year after year.

Make Every Room Timeless

Analog clocks feel a bit retro – a bit old world. Roman numerals seem richly elegant. Arabic numerals offer so many options. Your style combines the traditional with the personal. Clocks boldly do that.

Draw attention or subtly enhance. From the elaborately detailed to the simply streamlined. Industiral and rustic home decor clocks transforms any space with sophistication. 

Classic, vintage clocks. Modern elegance. Antique chic or French country charming. When you need practical and beautiful. When you need art that makes a statement.

Mantle and Tabletop Clocks

Spice up tables and mantle. Make your space picture-perfect. Always decorative. Always handsome. Complete a room’s rustic chic or antique farmouse charm. Nautical mantle clocks can be whimsical and nostalgic. Clocks that inspire entire Americana or French farmhouse decor in a room. Distressed wooden clock on a metal tabletop that feels like tea time at a country house.

Wall Clocks

Save yourself time by making the time obvious from anywhere. No matter where you hang a wall clock, complete any room’s rustic decor style. Colors to match. Personality to spare. Antique and elegant or sleek and stylish. Be inspired by country schoolhouse memories. Get the shabby chic style of your favorite French castle. Time is too important to waste – show off how important.


Embrace your chaos. Maximize communication in your home or business. Perfect for relaying messages. Perfect for keeping up with your busy life. Chalkboards draw attention and add fun to any room. Classic schoolhouse charm. An accessory from childhood, great for kids of all ages.

Chalkboards for Business

Wall chalkboards perfect for your menus and price lists. Sandwich boards that promote the day’s special Texas chili or homemade pie. Direct guests with a smile. Tabletop chalkboards for messages at the register or in the displays. Seaside fun. Country charm. Say what you need to, simply. Change your message as often as you want.

Chalkboard Accessories

Chalkboard drawer pulls and cabinet hardware. Chalkboard stakes for the garden. Tabletop chalkboards for organization and display. Metal and wood baskets and coat racks with attached chalkboards. Useful and perky anywhere. A special gift for newlyweds. Help people you love create the perfect style for their home.

Chalkboards for Special Occasions

Keep your event charmingly organized with tabletop or sandwich chalkboards that relay directions. Label the food or make seating easy. Make guests feel special. Entertain with chalkboards at the tables. Farmhouse style decor chalkboards that complete your special day.

Candles and Candle Holders

Make any room feel like home, instantly. Fill the space with the fragrance of a memory. Colors and designs to match or make any mood. Create romance. Inject atmosphere. Practical, charming candles and candle holders offer creative lighting solutions. Decorative trays for your tabletops. Handsome sconces and wall racks. Make an impression and set a scene.

Candles for Everyday

Add charm to your dining room table centerpiece. Turn up your bedroom’s ambiance. Make the most of your kitchen’s distressed home decor. Chic bathrooms. Stylish patios. Candles enhance beauty. Candles offer light, fragrance, and timeless elegance.

Fun candles around your home need handsome candle holders. Showcase your home’s special spaces. Decorative trays and pedestals to highlight and delight. French country or Americana retro country farmhouse decor.

Candle Displays for Special Occasions

Make a great day even better with handsome centerpieces. Feature candles that enhance your wedding or anniversary party. Birthday parties or family get togethers. Create a picture perfect scene with warm, intimate candlelight.

The best candles deserve festive candle holders for the special day. Pedestals for wedding decor. Perfect trays to create the right mood. Make every guest smile. Rustic and chic. Distressed and antique. Wood or metal, square or round. Candle holders to suit every occasion and location.

De-clutter and organize your home. Make your office or business kitchen more efficient. Strike up conversations with customers and guests. Create a home for everything, and keep everything in its place. Distressed metal storage cabinets. Baskets and bins. Organization tools in decor that suits your life. Tabletop, wall, and furniture storage. Options for the family room, kitchen, laundry room, or wherever. Bring an element of unique style to everything you do.

Rustic Decor & Business Organization

Reclaimed wood decor that makes your office feel like a rustic country vacation. Metal and glass. Antique, distressed wood. Efficient and beautiful industiral kitchen racks. Desktop organizers to run the office in style. Make the boss feel special with personal touches. Manage workflow with systems and back-ups. Wall racks to make every room feel more like home.

Designer Home Storage

Every room could use more storage. Make the most from cabinets, racks, and bins. Store linens in the bathroom. Keep the laundry room tidy. Separate and label the kids’ toys and school supplies. Welcome your guests at the entryway. Charming organization for your every room. Bring the charm of farmhouse decor to your home. Put your own unique twist on retro Americana. Country chic storage for city-dwellers.

Make every room bold.

Furniture is where style begins. Your home is your castle. Decorate each room like your personal palace. Make statements without saying anything. Your tastes are as wide as the Texas range. You like reclaimed wood furniture. You like country chic pieces you can put your feet up on. You like tables and chairs with the romance of a Paris cafe. Shop for farmhouse decor furniture that suits your home.

Furniture for Small Spaces

Designer solutions for any size home. Increase your space by maximizing the space you have. Shabby chic furniture that adds to the room. Dressers and wall racks. Organize your life. Streamlined metal shelves and tables. Stools as simple as it gets. Eye-catching pieces that mix updated rustic decor with classic elegance. Desks. Tables. Bedframes. Be comfortable in a room that fits you. Every room is shaped by furniture. Live your life on pieces of art.

Furniture for Bedrooms

Accessorize your bedroom with elegance. Create a romantic get-away in your own home. End tables and night stands. Storage cabinets and bed frames. Polished or distressed metal. Unfinished or shining wood. Coordinate the furniture and decor for the kids’ rooms. Colors to set any mood. French-inspired pieces turn your “bedroom” into a “boudoir.” Farmhouse pieces that remind you of sunny summer mornings. Rustic furniture that tells a story – your story. Furniture that shows who you are. Make each bedroom a sanctuary.

Furniture for Life

With the highest-quality design and materials, expect signature pieces that last. Bold, beautiful, and timeless. Rustic, industrial home decor that becomes simply a part of your life. An important part. Organize entryways and closet spaces. Get the right pieces for your laundry room. Glass, metal, and wood details to set the stage. Tables that become lasting settings for your family memories. Timeless seating. Make your home reflect what’s in your heart.

Designer lighting fixtures for any space. Delightful and versatile. Practical and charming. Lighting sets a mood. The right lighting enhances any space. Subtle lights support other home decor. Creative, bold pendant lamps draw attention. Breathtaking chandeliers make a silent statement. Hanging and standing lamps add style to any room. Light up every space with personality.

Combination wood and metal fixtures. Traditional or modern designs. Create a romantic French country home. Create a classic Americana charm. Distressed, vintage industrial lighting. Make your room speak at the flip of the lightswitch. Make your home welcome guests the way you want.

Shining, polished metal. Copper or nickel fixtures that shine. Futuristic and retro. Handsome and modern. Add an industrial edge to your throwback 1900 decor. Give your rooms a steampunk style. Add a little geek chic to any space. Turn a quiet dining room into a conversation room. Make your kitchen bright and streamlined.

Light fixtures in colors that complement. Distressed, painted wooden lights that bring old world charm to your new world style. Lights and lamps for any space. Give yourself options with wall lighting and overhead light fixtures. Treat yourself to home decor details that make you smile.

Rustic decor extended to every inch of your home.

Add the finishing touches in your kitchen and bathroom. Stylish and sophisticated. Refresh an old favorite.

Give life to your home storage. Hardware makes a great housewarming gift. Fun drawer pulls. Whimsical cabinet handles. Charming hardware for nautical bathrooms. Rustic hardware for country kitchens. Industrial hardware for the laundry room. Give yourself permission to go wild with the details in every room.

Combine wood and metal for something new. Showcase charming details that touch your heart. Spice up your spice cabinet. Show your personality. French country or nostalgic Americana style. Adorable and chic hardware. Animal inspired metal cabinet handles.

Organize every drawer with chalkboard pulls. Add a touch of natural elegance. Add splashes of color with coordinating hardware. Add a touch of farmhouse chic with vintage reproduction decor. Keep your home expressive everywhere your guests look.

A hostess never needs a reason for a party – parties are their own reason! Decorate your rustic, country-western Texas themed square-dance. Decorate your chic, jazzy-flapper 1920s decor throwback bash. Decorate your elegant anniversary or birthday celebrations. Get people on the dance floor. Get people talking. Make the most of every moment. Make every inch picture perfect. Everyone will smile. Everyone will laugh. But most of all – everyone will remember.

Party and special event decorating is all in the details. Get every detail right with vintage party decorations to match the theme of the day. Colors to suit every palette. Creatively coordinate for a complete look. From the chic cake towers to the sparkling beverage trays. From rustic table centerpieces to charming dessert arrangements. From chalkboard seating organization to charming flower vases. Bring the entire design of your party together. Make a good impression – make the best impression.

You’ve been dreaming of your big day. Make it everything you want. Rustic wedding decorations as perfect as they are in your imagination. Romantic weddings. Country chic weddings. Retro Americana weddings. Decorate your celebration in French-inspired farmhouse decor or vintage turn of the century decor. Make everyone smile at your shabby chic sparkle. Dazzle your guests with your inspired rustic industrial theme. Whatever you want it to look like, make the day uniquely yours.

Personal rustic decor touches make your wedding the best it can be. Cake stands that catch the eye. Details on the table centerpieces. Candles in elegant candleholders to set the atmosphere. Rustic wedding decorations that will make every angle the perfect picture backdrop. Hang what you love on the walls. Direct guests and charm with rustic decor chalkboards. Platters, dishes, plates, and trays that coordinate completely. Your wedding is a huge day in your life: decorate it your way.

Farmhouse Decor Options as Wide as the Texas Night Sky

Design your country farmhouse. Make your Americana restaurant. The shabby chic decor you’ve dreamed about.