About Us

Rex Crown is a Texas homegrown home decor one-stop-shop.


For women and men who think of themselves as “country chic” or “industrial” or anything in between. With roots in farmhouse tradition, we love all things that remind us of the farm, the country, the sunsets, and the wide sky. We love the smell of wood and the feel of metal. We love when things give us a sense of nostalgia. We love home decor that makes us feel like we’re at home – and we love bringing it to every home in America.

With our western roots, we aim to provide the highest quality products from the heartland of America to every home. We are proud to be a Texas-based company, serving the US. We stock items curated from all over the whole, India, Guatemala, Indonesia, Mexico, China, and of course, Texas made products.

We started this venture with a few products, and have grown so large that we moved to a full selection for our customers. Although the largest selection is available online, we are also in several retail locations.

Please visit our permanent location at:

3605 Franklin Ave Waco, TX (Mon – Sat)

We also open seasonal locations in Roundtop, TX (March – April and September – October), and Las Vegas, NV (December)

Our team is serious about bringing our customers a selection of home decor items that are the highest-quality and will stand the test of time. But also, they have to add beauty to a room. It’s not only important to us that your room be attractive – we want it to be functional.

That’s why we offer wall hooks, coat racks, hardware, and more that give your space a personal touch and fill a need at the same time. Kitchens are one place where the practical and beautiful should always come together, so we’ve spent a lot of time putting together a selection of unmatched kitchen decor.

About Us

We are proud to provide the finest selection of home decor that makes any room feel more like home. Many restaurants, event centers, hotels, caterers, and decorators tell us they love our decor too. And that is an inspiration.

Our kitchen decor selection is designed to meet the needs of more than just everyday use – we also offer pieces that are perfect for weddings and special event decorating. We want to help you put together the perfect memory.

We want Rex Crown to be part of your perfect setting – whether in a home or not.

Countless hours have gone into thinking about what makes a home really a home, and we realized it’s the little things that matter most. Little things you use everyday that really make a place feel like you belong there. We want people to put their personalities into their home. The things you look at everyday should fill you with a sense of love – that’s what we believe.

Well made. Comfortable. Heartwarming.

That’s what we believe in.

The best gifts come from the heart, and nothing says “I love you” like an American-made home decor item. We like to give personalized gifts – items for someone’s farmhouse or shabby chic apartment – that will always make them think of you, no matter where they go. And things that show you are always thinking of them.

Whether for housewarming or newlyweds, whether you’re celebrating retirement or a new baby, we believe in giving great gifts.

Whether you’re looking for something inspired by French sophistication, an industrial chic modern mix, or something in classic American country, let Rex Crown charm you. Our experienced decorators know how to shop for the best, most heartfelt home decor products  Inspired by craftsmanship and creativity, whimsy and wonder, underneath it all is love.

We love what we do, and we want you to make your home the best it can be. We want you to love everything about it.

Please, make yourself at home with us.

We love when we make people feel at home.