Romance. Elegance. Vintage Charm.

Everyday Elegance

Rustic Texas farmhouse decor. Industrial modern retro decor. Romantic French crafted decor. Create the vision for your everyday world with small details that make a big impact. Candleholders with style. Candles in colors that catch the eye. Scented candles from timeless recipes. Nothing says “home” like lighting a fragrance that brings memories to life.

For year-round style that stays through the seasons. For seasonal fun that takes you through the year. Keep the candleholders traditional or wild. Or create a vintage chic display. Rustic wall candleholders always make a statement. Tabletop candles in candleholders add warmth to your home every day. Make every space glow.

Special Occasion and Seasonal Candles

As tabletop centerpieces or background decor, candles belong at your special day. Essential for weddings. At home at any party. Add sophistication and majesty. Add country class and turn-of-the-century details. Shine like a star with special displays for the special day.

Create intimate spaces or make spaces larger. Use fragrances to enhance flower displays. Harness dramatic lighting to make get-togethers sparkle. Make every special occasion memorable. Stunning candleholders and candles that tie your event together.

Seasonal candleholders and holiday candles. Change the look of your home with the calendar. Candles are a fun, whimsical to change the look of a room easily. Enhance the charm of any event decor.