Unique Jewelry for Women and Men

Beaded Bracelets. Fashion Earrings. Pendant Necklaces.

Handmade charm and rustic elegance. Men and women’s jewelry with natural beauty. Inspired by the timelessness of vintage jewelry. An updated retro chic collection.

Rugged. Ragged. Rustic.

Industrial materials like copper and steel. Homey and heartwarming designs. Delicate and elegant or chunky and bold. Fashion jewelry to suit every style.

Sparkle. Shine. Show.

Sparkling beads and rhinestones in colors across the spectrum. An inner glow of chic sophistication. Rich colors of agate or the sheen of creamy pearls. Take your style to a new level.

The Modern Classics of Fashion Jewelry

Handmade Touches. Vintage Chic.

Bold, endearing designs that endure. Handmade touches with rustic charm. Classic rhinestone and copper vintage costume jewelry for modern day wear. Each piece is individual. Each piece makes a statement without saying a word.

Raw and ruddy materials. Inspired antique and vintage designs. Patinas that you don’t have to wait for. The quality loving touch of handmade jewelry, the ease of knowing your collection coordinates with your wardrobe.

Adorn yourself with pieces unlike what anyone else has in their collection. Stand out in a crowd and start conversations. What was once old is new again.

Classic Materials. Modern Designs.

Agate and copper. Studded with rhinestones. Silver, steel, and turquoise. Crystals and stones. Beads and pearls. Alloy metal wires and chains with a chic industrial engineering. One-of-a-kind designs that take everyone’s breath away.

Stunning Fashion Jewelry Selection

Men & Women’s Rings

Inspirational Retro Rings
Designs inspired by vintage wedding rings and championship rings of days past. Show your timeless love with classic elegance. Rings for every occasion, for men and women, for all ages. Inspired by life, inspired by love.

Bold Men’s Rings
The most important statement pieces of men’s jewelry collections. Rings for hardworking hands. Rings for men with something to say.

Unique Women’s Rings
A fun and popular self-expression tool of women’s jewelry collections. Rings for ladylike gestures. Rings for going out and speaking up.

Fashion Necklaces

Long and delicate. Short and expressive. Thin chains or thick statement pieces. Easy to use clasps for convenience and security. Combine classic style with modern engineering in retro and modern necklaces for any collection.

Distressed vintage jewelry or copper polished to a shine. Beaded and pendant necklaces that add whimsy or class. Heavy or lightweight. Create a signature style all your own. Whatever your preference.

Fashion Bracelets

Sparkling charm bracelets. Delicate beads on stretch bracelets. Make fashion and style speak with your accessories. Secure clasps hold eye-catching pieces in place. Get pieces that move with you.

Colors for any palette. Styles for all personalities. Women’s bracelets that last through the seasons. Classy and throwback or steampunk and futuristic. Wear what you love on your arm.

Fashion Earrings

Long and dangling or short and sophisticated. Rustic earrings with natural charm. Delicate metal wire or hearty chains. Adorn yourself with stones and beads.

Hoop earrings. Dangle earrings. Stud earrings. Waver earrings.

Copper: Hypoallergenic and Chic
One of the most ancient and widely used metals, copper is sturdy, with a timeless vintage look. Classic and classy, copper jewelry always catches the eye. An ideal metal for any piece of wearable art.

Not only do dazzling, rustic copper earrings make your eyes sparkle, they are hypoallergenic and kind to sensitive skin. Easy to clean, copper develops lasting beauty. Coordinates well with many colors.

Brooches. Pendants. Charms. And More.

An entire collection of vintage jewelry to add timeless retro beauty to any outfit. Pendants for necklaces, charms for bracelets, brooches for your jacket collar. There’s never such a thing as too many accessories.

Switch out your accessories with your moods. Change your wardrobe with the seasons. Indulge your desire to make every day an inspiration.

The Gift of Fashion Jewelry

New Antiques and Family Heirlooms

For ladies and gentlemen of all ages. Earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, and more. Something small and personal that says so much. Vintage jewelry makes people nostalgic. A gift of something new that is ready to help someone make new memories.

Whether for yourself, for him, or for her. Give a gift that will leave a legacy. Jewelry always comes from the heart, and is always kept in the heart.